About Us

We can hack you before bad guys do

We are a Ethical Hacking and Penetration Test leader company with innovation solutions focused on verifing cybersecurity checks based on the highest quality standars.

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    Providing support to 35 countries around the american continent.

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    We have provided services to more than 200 companies.

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    More than 600 projects successfully executed.

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    Over 9 years helping companies to improve their cybersecurity level.

Our clients

Prestigious companies that trust us!

UPTC - Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia

Politécnico Grancolombiano

Colegio Andino

Colegio Nuevo San Luis Gonzaga

ACH Colombia

Banco Caja Social


Bolsa Mercantil de Colombia


Fesa Card Panamá S.A

Fiduciaria Central

Gelsa - Grupo Empresarial en Línea

Cooperativa Crediservir


BT Group

Web Devices Inc.


Multipay S.A.S

Digital Medic S.A.S

Softmanagement S.A

IQ Information Quality S.A.S

Rese - Redes Y Seguridad Informática S.A.S


Cromasoft LTDA

BITS Américas

Inverfas S.A

Sertisoft S.A.S

Emida de Colombia

Indenova Colombia

Newnet S.A

Gamma Ingenieros S.A.S

EBS Enterprise Business Solutions

Optiplan Consultores

RMP Services

Armada Nacional de Colombia

Fiscalía General de la Nación

Municipalidad de Cali

Aerocivil - Aeronáutica Civil

Consorcio FOPEP

Empresa de energía de bogotá

Claro Colombia

Servientrega S.A



TVS - Transportadora de Valores del Sur LTDA

Safram Morpho



Lotería de Bogotá

AON Risk Services Colombia

Movet S.A.S

IGS - Integral Group Solutions


La Estación

Indra Colombia

Mentor 360 S.A.S

Tecnocom S.A.S

Samana Group

Logyca S.A

Amézquita & Cia


Pacific Rubiales Energy

Equión Energía

Unigas de Colombia S.A. E.S.P

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of THE EAGLE LABS INTERNATIONAL is to provide services and solutions focused on the identification of new threats in the physical and digital world technologies, through expert consultants in "Ethical Hacking" or "PenTest", passionate about deep knowledge, discovering their weaknesses, being continuously performing intellectual challenges, each consultant must be; strategic, analyst, observer, creator, inventor, intuitive, expert, methodological (but know when it is indicated to deviate from it: heterodox), abstraction capacity, imagination, deductive and inductive reasoning, curious and creator of new knowledge.


To provide specialized consulting services in cyber intrusion, with the highest quality standards, generating trust and value to our clients.


To be leaders in the provision of cyber intrusion services, generating knowledge by identifying new threats in the physical and digital world technologies.

Social Network


THE EAGLE LABS International development throught years.


On June 4th THE EAGLE LABS INTERNATIONAL was established as a company focused on cyberintrusion services.

Our first invoice was on June 27, 2012. In 2021, over 600 have been invoiced.

We wanted to position the brand, so we registered the trademark THE EAGLE LABS INTERNATIONAL.

We have an on-site and remote work team of over 15 employees.


Several PenTesters joined THE EAGLE LABS INTERNATIONAL some of them the best pentesters in Latin America.

(BTCOM) Ecopetrol was our biggest project this year, running Ethical Hacking tests on hundreds of IT and OT platforms.

We execute projects with banks, among other important sectors.

From this year to the present, we have been performing Penetration Tests according to PCI DSS requirements, together with our QSA partner, IQ Information Quality, and we also actively participate in stakeholder groups.


We gain visibility in our field, where we are invited to give presentations and conferences at international events.

Several "Projects managers" join the organization, people committed, reliable and professional with our clients.


We increase our PenTesters where they gain a lot of Hacking knowledge, certifications and we are confident that they will have a whole professional career with us.


We hired our first commercial manager, and consolidated the commercial area, an area that has achieved important opportunities, new clients, allies and friends have been a fundamental part of our company's growth.


We have OFFENSIVE SECURITY, SANS, EC COUNCIL certifications, among others. Our certifications.

Implementation of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliance standard.


We positioned ourselves as a strong company in terms of Ethical Hacking knowledge and with the best certified professionals in the region, we are also invited to give conferences, courses and we are taken into account for tenders and participation in large projects. We executed our first RED TEAM projects with clients in the Banking and Oil & Gas sectors.


We hire researchers, developers in "Ethical Hacking" for the construction of the Hacking Command Center project.

We opened our doors as THE EAGLE LABS INTERNATIONAL International LLC, in USA (848 Brickell Ave, STE 950, Miami, Florida 33131, US.) as a branch office, from which we will serve the requirements of the Hacking Command Center platform and business internationally.

We have consolidated our position as experts in the execution of Social Engineering tests with a record to maintain, in addition to more than 50 tests executed to date.


We obtained SG-SST certification with 100% compliance.

Providing support to 35 countries around the american continent.

We have provided services to more than 200 companies.

More than 600 projects successfully executed.


We officially launched our own platform for vulnerability scanning (VS), web vulnerability scanning (WAS), Ethical Hacking (EH) testing, in an automated way, using proprietary and free technologies, shell scripting and artificial intelligence algorithms. In some cases the platform has performed better than consultant level testing. We invite you to register and try www.hackingcommandcenter.com.

We have more than 9 years of experience hacking our clients before bad guys do.